Modify or Remove the Structured Data

By default, WP Job Openings adds JobPosting structured data to all the active jobs. Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google Search results. WP Job Openings uses the Google recommended JSON-LD format for the structured data. You can use the below code snippets to modify or remove the structured data.

Modify the structured data

Including the excerpt as the Job Description instead of post content.

function awsm_job_custom_structured_data( $data ) {
	$data['description'] = wpautop( get_the_excerpt() );
	return $data;
add_filter( 'awsm_job_structured_data', 'awsm_job_custom_structured_data' );

Remove the structured data

add_filter( 'awsm_job_structured_data', '__return_empty_string' );

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