Job Listing Page

    Job Listing Layout Options : You can select the List view or grid view. This is reflected in the front-end view of the applicants.
      List View
      Grid View
    Number of Columns : Select the number of columns to display your job posts.
    Listings per page : Number of Job listings you want on a page. It can be from one to any number
    Job Filter Options : This feature enables each of the terms under Job Specs to act as filters.
    Available Filters : You can choose any of the Job specs you want to act as filters.

Other Options:

    Job Specs in the Listing : Select the job specs you want to show in the job listings.
    Expired Jobs : Select it if you want to hide expired jobs from candidates viewing your job openings.

Job Detail Page

Job detail page layout options

    Job Detail Page Template : There are two available options – Theme Template and Plugin Template.
    Layout of job detail page : You can select one or two columns as you like.
    Job Specifications : Click on any/all three options to customize Job specifications.
      You can show job specifications,
      Icons for job specifications
      Make job specifications clickable in the job detail page.
    Job spec position : You can give it above or below the job description.
    Other display options
      You can customize expired job listings here.
      You can Hide content of expired listing from job detail page,
      Block search engine robots to expired jobs and
      Hide expiry date from the job detail page.
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