Job Listing Page

  • Job Listing Layout Options : You can select the List view or grid view. This is reflected in the front-end view of the applicants.
    • List View
    • Grid View
  • Number of Columns : Select the number of columns to display your job posts.
  • Listings per page : Number of Job listings you want on a page. It can be from one to any number.
  • Pagination Type : You can select the classic or modern pagination.
  • Job Filter Options : This feature enables each of the terms under Job Specs to act as filters.
  • Available Filters : You can choose any of the Job specs you want to act as filters.

Other Options:

  • Job Specs in the Listing : Select the job specs you want to show in the job listings.
  • Expired Jobs : Select it if you want to hide expired jobs from candidates viewing your job openings.

Job Detail Page

Job detail page layout options

  • Job Detail Page Template : There are two available options – Theme Template and Plugin Template.
  • Layout of job detail page : You can select one or two columns as you like.
  • Job Specifications : Click on any/all three options to customize Job specifications.
    • You can show job specifications,
    • Icons for job specifications
    • Make job specifications clickable in the job detail page.
  • Job spec position : You can give it above or below the job description.
  • Other display options
    • You can customize expired job listings here.
    • You can Hide content of expired listing from job detail page,
    • Block search engine robots to expired jobs and
    • Hide expiry date from the job detail page.