Add New Openings

Enter job title and description

Type the Title of the job and give a brief description of the job you want to post.

Add specifications

  • You can add job specifications to the post and you can manage specifications from the settings page

  • There are 3 default job specifications

    • Job Category

    • Job Type

      • Full Time

      • Part-Time

      • Freelance

    • Job Location

Add expiry date

  • You can give expiry date for the job listing

  • If you want to display expiry date to the applicant then click the ‘Display expiry date’ option

Make your job opening live

You have the 'CC Email Notifications' meta box available for each job. There you can set up emails. A copy of notifications for each job application will be sent to these emails you submit.

  • If you want to create a form that works without job openings. You can do this by generating the application form shortcode for a job by excluding the same from the job listing.

    • Please go to Job edit Page and check the "Exclude this From Job Listing" option under Job Display Options. If you check this option the related job will be excluded from the job listings.

    • if check the checkbox 'Position Filled' then the job is filled/not accepting any more applications.

    • Go to Wp Job Openings Settings -> Shortcodes -> Form. Select a job that you exclude in the listings then click Generate Shortcode and copy the generated shortcode and paste the shortcode into the page that you want to display the form.

  • You can disable the application form for each job. Under the 'Job Display Options' section, you can disable the form under the Application Form option and after creating the forms, you can assign the form from 'Job Display Options'.

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