The [awsmjobs] shortcode will display the list of job openings you have in your website.

Shortcode Attributes

This shortcode takes the following attributes:

  • filters

    • Description: Whether to Show or Hide Job filters.

    • Accepted Arguments: yes/no (yes – Show filters, no – Hide filters)

    • Default: ‘Enable job filters in job listing’ option in Settings

  • listings

    • Description: Default Number of Job Listings to display.

    • Accepted Arguments: Value that is no less than 1.

    • Default: ‘Listings per page’ option in Settings.

  • loadmore

    • Description: Whether to Show or Hide ‘Load more…’ button in Job Listings.

    • Accepted Arguments: yes/no (yes – Show button, no – Hide button)

    • Default: yes

The Shortcode Builder in PRO helps you generate job listing shortcodes and supports additional features and shortcodes.

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