Job Alerts Emails

When Would Subscribers Recieve the Alerts?

The alerts are configured to be sent out to the subscribers once in 24 hours when the crone job of your WordPress site executes. The plugin aggregates all the jobs published within the interval for each subscriber based on their preferred job specifications selected when they subscribed and sends them out as one email with all of them in a list-style layout.

The style of the email is adapted from the default Email template configuration from WP Job Openings plugin.

Content of the email notification can be customized from Job Alert's settings.

Email Delivery FAQ

How is email delivery handled by Job Alerts for WP Job Openings?

Job Alerts for WP Job Openings relies on the email delivery configuration set up for your WordPress site. It utilizes the existing email settings you have configured, ensuring that job alert emails are sent through your site's chosen email delivery method.

What if I don't have an email delivery configuration set up for my WordPress site?

If you haven't set up email delivery configuration for your WordPress site, it's important to configure it to ensure proper delivery of job alert emails. Without a configured email delivery method, the plugin won't be able to send emails to subscribers.

How can I set up email delivery configuration for my WordPress site?

To configure email delivery for your WordPress site, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Install and activate an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

  2. Configure the SMTP plugin with the necessary settings, including the SMTP host, port, username, password, and encryption method. These settings are typically provided by your email service provider or hosting company.

  3. Test the SMTP settings to ensure that emails can be sent successfully from your WordPress site.

  4. Once the SMTP plugin is set up and working correctly, Job Alerts for WP Job Openings will utilize these email delivery settings to send job alert emails to subscribers.

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